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Your new favourite season

The fun doesn’t stop when winter hits Drumheller. Our hoodoos look great under their snow coverings as does the rest of the beautiful Drumheller Valley.

Winter in Drumheller can be a lot of fun, especially if you follow our guide ofactivities on offer.

Quick Info
  • Stunning Scenery

  • Indoor Fun and Festive Events

  • Charming Hospitality

Winter Experiences

  • Badlands Art Installation

    We’ve added another outdoor Badlands experience for you to enjoy on your visit to the Dinosaur Capital of the World.

    Created by local 3d designer Dean Bolton this wonderful art work creates a great selfie spot to add to your memories of the Drumheller Valley.

    You will find this located in Rotary Park at the foot of Tyra the World’s largest dinosaur.

    Use the hashtag #UncoverWonder and tag Travel Drumheller when sharing your photos as we can’t wait to see them!

    Visit website for more info.