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Badlands Amphitheatre

The Passion Play takes you 2000 years back in time for a dramatic portrayal of the life and death of Christ. The play takes place in a natural 2500-seat outdoor amphitheatre formed by the massive Badlands coulees. With costumes and sets based on historical data from ancient Jerusalem, the Passion Play transports audiences back to the time of Roman soldiers and peasant masses. Shows take place in the Spring and Summer Seasons. Contact the Passion play for exact dates and times.

17 Street SW, Drumheller, Alberta

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More Than A Story

Sometimes ideas turn into something wonderful. The idea for staging The Canadian Badlands Passion Play was birthed in the 1960s with a vision to produce a Passion Play in Drumheller. With the support of the local community and organizations, this idea became reality and transformed the surrounding badlands into a riveting stage for the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Held every summer, the badlands near Drumheller provide a natural backdrop for the three-hour play that brings a story to life through immersive set design, realistic costumes and masterful performances by actors.

The site for the play, the natural amphitheatre, is very similar to the Israeli countryside and is utilised in such a way that each year, a new perspective is brought into the play.