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Drumheller is the dinosaur capital of the world. The Badlands are home to plenty of fearsome rock formations, gorgeous canyons and fossil beds belonging to lumbering beasts who will never again roam the earth. There is plenty in Drumheller for the dinosaur-inclined but once you’ve had your fill of our prehistoric friends, fear not: Drumheller has plenty of non-dinosaur fun to get up to. We jotted down a few examples of what a day in Drumheller can bring.

Fossil Gift Shops

Drumheller is home to a great array of gift shops specializing in fossils. The Fossil Shop, Fossil World Jurassic Store, the Royal Tyrrell Museum Gift Shop and the World’s Largest Dinosaur Gift Shop feature a huge selection of souvenirs and gifts for the fossil enthusiast at heart. Looking for a new wall adornment? Or some dinosaur swag to impress your friends? You’ll be in good hands at any of the fossil gift shops, and the best part is you don’t even have to buy dinosaur fossils – most shops stock plenty of non-dinosaur bones for your enjoyment.

Walk through Pathways

Take a walk on Drumheller’s wild side: that is all 18 kilometres of it. These pathways run through downtown, stretch past the Royal Tyrrell Museum and alongside the Red Deer River, giving you the scenic jaunt you didn’t realize you needed.

Old Grouch Cozy Cafe

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll do good to stop in Old Grouch for a bite to eat. Powered by the comfort that is homegrown food and buoyed by locally farm-grown products and quality fresh baked goods, your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans are taken care of. Trust us on this one!

Take a Heli Tour

Take to the skies with these guided tours of the Drumheller region. You’ll get to see the Badlands in a whole new way thanks to Alpine Helicopters and Mountain View Helicopter Tours. Enjoy a breathtaking ride through the Horseshoe Canyon, the Badlands and everything in between from a thousand feet up and higher.

Horsethief Canyon

Once a hideout for outlaws and home to some of the biggest fossil discoveries ever, this canyon now is the perfect hangout for adventurers and would-be hikers. Get a group together and tackle the teeming maze of trails that run throughout the canyon. It’s known for rarely looking the same twice; the season changes have a way of making the dazzling rock formations and badlands take on a second or third life.

Trekcetera Museum

This may be Valhalla for nerdkind. Enjoy carefully maintained authentic artifacts and memorabilia from the Star Trek universe – over 300 set pieces, props and real costumes! That number doesn’t just include Star Trek either: you can expect to see plenty of items from fantastic TV shows and movies such as Harry Potter, Thunderbirds, Men in Black, Titanic, Brokeback Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

The World’s Largest Dinosaur

How could we not mention this? It’s not like you can just find a gargantuan T-Rex – more than four and a half times larger than the real deal – in every small town you visit. For $4, you can take a trip up to the top and be rewarded with an unparalleled view of Drumheller and the surrounding Badlands, making it one of the few times you can truly snatch a kind of victory from the jaws of a giant steel dinosaur.

The best time awaits you in Drumheller! Whether you’re there to discover more about the town’s dinosaur reputation or you’re looking for a charming night out in the scenic Badlands, there’s plenty to do. You can have it both ways in the dinosaur capital.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Travel Alberta / Curtis Comeau