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This article is part of a four-part series – the dinosaurs are on vacation in their own backyard! Read the other articles in this series: Philydrosauras Guide to Drumheller (Family Fun), Tyrannosaurus Rex Guide to Drumheller (Visitor’s Choice), and Styracosaurus Guide to Drumheller (Free Spirits).

So, you’ve been to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. What next? You’re not the only one wondering. Four dino pals have been cooped up in there a long time, and they want to get out and explore the town! Albertosaurus has been here a long time, so he knows what’s up. Go with him and he’ll definitely show you the best places around Alberta’s Badlands!


Albertosaurus is an apex predator at three metres tall and nine metres long. He hasn’t had anything to eat in about 70 000 000 years, so he’s feeling a little peckish. His first stop is going to be Bernie and the Boys Bistro. They sell the Mammoth Burger, something so big, only a tiny handful of humans have ever eaten the whole thing. But Albertosaurus is no human, and he’s going to chow down! And there’s plenty of other options too, like The Blair Wing Project, wings so hot that you need to be over 18 and sign a waiver.

If you like breakfast food, WHIFS Flapjack House has plenty of it. Waffles, french toast, pancakes, bacon and eggs, but also hamburgers and dessert!

Local food? Last Chance Saloon is as local as it gets. Located in Wayne, just outside Drumheller, they’ve been around since 1913. They’re the ideal place to go for a bison burger.


There’s a lot to see in Drumheller. So many towns and cities in the prairie provinces have the world’s largest something – sausage, perogy, bee, prairie chicken, oil lamp… there’s so many! But the World’s Largest Dinosaur is something else. Take the 106 steps up and gaze out its open mouth! Even the Albertosaurus is dwarfed by this guy, but luckily, this one’s only a statue, so nobody’s getting eaten.

Albertosaurus is going to want to go to the Fossil World Discovery Center at some point. There are 10 animatronic dinosaurs there for him to socialise with! He’s a pack animal, so he loves his herd.


The Badlands are such an incredibly unique place, and it’s a shame that most people only ever see them in summer. Watching the snow fall over their massive dunes is stunningly beautiful. If you go to Midland Provincial Park, you can enjoy the interpretative trail and have a winter picnic. What’s more, if you come in November, you’ll see Drumheller’s Festival of Lights. There will be a variety of lights, but the main ones will be on the annual Christmas tree light up! There are activities too, including live entertainment, wagon rides, fire pits, smore stations, and Santa. Shops often stay open later during the festival, so you can even spot some shopping too.


Albertosaurus is no swine! He loves cultural attractions, and he has three favourites. The first one is the Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site, a bite of Alberta’s history. Go on various tours, from a train ride to working like the miners did, climb the last wooden tipple in Canada, see the mining tunnels, or regale yourselves with stories of Drumheller’s history and a venture into areas not normally accessible to the public.

Drumheller’s Little Church is up next! As the name implies, it’s super small. There are six one-person pews and a pulpit. It’s free to enter and use, and ceremonies can be held here at any time! They won’t book it for you, as the church remains public, but they can put your notice on the door. And if you do get married here, Albertosaurus is all-in for being your best man or maid of honour. He doesn’t care which – he’s a dinosaur! As locals like to say, it fits 10 000 people – 6 at a time.

The Badlands Amphitheatre is absolutely majestic. You think a wide open plain with a stage is a great place for a concert? You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen this. It’s nestled in the nooks of the hills. It makes Albertosaurus want to get up as high as he can and roar at the moon over the music. You don’t even need to go for a concert, just go and look at it!

Styracosaurus, Philydrosauras, and Tyrannosaurus Rex also went out to explore, and they’d love your company. Any time you want to visit Albertosaurus again, stop on by Drumheller!