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Rich in history, Drumheller is home to things you won’t find anywhere else and that includes food! So with that said, here are some signature meals and exactly where you can find them in Drumheller.

1. Mammoth Burger from Bernie & The Boys

The Mammoth Burger is the stuff of local legends. It’s twenty-four ounces of tender meat. The Mammoth is so big, it has gained national fame on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here. Naturally with a burger this big, Bernie & The Boys created a food challenge – finish it and you’re forever enshrined in the “Mammoth Crew”. The burger goes well with one of Bernie & The Boys’ famous milkshakes. There’s something truly unique about eating a Mammoth Burger in the land where dinosaurs once roamed.

2. Flapjacks from Whifs Flapjack House

In a clever act of subversion, Whifs Flapjack House included everything they’re great at in their name: waffles, hamburgers, flapjacks and salads. Flapjacks are the comfort food you ought to have every morning and this is something Whifs understands. Get an order of flapjacks with a side of eggs and marvel at the train running around the track at the top of the room. It’s worthy entertainment.

3. Flathead Burger from Last Chance Saloon

Last Chance Saloon is a beloved Drumheller area institution, known for its one-of-a-kind atmosphere and delicious food options like the Flathead Burger. Part of what makes the Flathead Burger so great is the juxtaposition of eating a bison burger, made with locally sourced ingredients, in such an old-fashioned watering hole where you can drink out of mason jars and imagine what your life would have been like a century ago.

Start planning your summer memories.

4. Stuffed Portobello from Sublime Food & Wine

Stuffed until they absolutely burst with flavor, these portobellos are your new best friend. Made fresh to eat and presented like they came straight out of a five-star cooking book, the wow factor is high at Sublime Food & Wine. Pair this with a great bottle of wine and your evening plans are taken care of.

5. Root Beer BBQ Ribs from O’Shea’s Eatery and Ale House

Tender ribs slathered in BBQ sauce made from good ol’ root beer – what’s not to love? This Drumheller eatery is a pub food fan’s dream come true: all the traditionals you’d expect done right, with a few twists. One quick warning: the servings are generous so expect to eat a lot!

We’re known for our dinosaurs, but as the above shows – Drumheller is a haven for awesome food in a variety of unique settings. If this isn’t enough to kickstart your next culinary adventure, perhaps our comprehensive list of food and drink options in Drumheller will!

Feature Image: Travel Alberta / Dreadnaught Productions