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We often think of roadtripping as being more of a viewing experience. While there’s nothing wrong with that – sometimes it’s nice to do instead of see. When visiting Drumheller, we encourage you to immerse yourself with your breathtaking surroundings. Here’s three ways to get a hands-on experience in Drumheller.

1. Make Your Own Sage Stick

Located along the famed 11 Bridges of Wayne route, The Sage Shoppe is your source for all things aromatherapy. Besides offering sage sticks, essential oils and scented soaps, they offer you the chance to make your own sage stick. You’ll be able to go into the field, pick sage and make your own sage sticks and take home your own local sage experience. The Sage Shoppe also make their own line of natural bath, body and soul products called Nature’s Essential Garden. The products are fair trade, organic and made in Canada. Some of the things they offer include a wide range of essential oils, jewelry, locally made items from the Canadian Badlands along with many bentonite and sage products., Everything in the Nature’s Essential Garden line is body care done right, made to feel and smell wonderful.

Don’t be fooled by the Sage Shoppe’s quaint atmosphere – they’re perfectly accommodating for cyclists, bus tours and large groups. From kids to couples – this hands-on aromatherapy experience is an excellent experience for all Drumheller visitors.

2. Touch A Piece Of The Real Titanic

Journey through the Wild West to the edges of the Final Frontier. This awesome museum gives you an up-close look at costumes, props, set design pieces and historical pieces from pop culture touchstones like Star Trek and more. There’s over 300 pieces from tv shows and movies such as Harry Potter, Thunderbirds, Men in Black, Pirates of the Caribbean, and locally filmed memorabilia from movies like Hell on Wheels, Superman 3 and Brokeback Mountain. Everything you see is authentic and to top it off, you can even touch some of the items. You can put your hands on a piece of the real Titanic or stand in a Borg regeneration alcove – how often do you get a chance to do that?

The goal for the museum’s owners, Michael Mangold and Devan Daniels, is for every visitor to have a personalized experience within the Trekcetera walls, while offering much more than you’d expect out of a typical museum visit. So be ready for a hand-tailored museum experience, with plenty of knowledge and fun stories behind each display that catches your eye.

3. Let Your Head Rest At Quality Hotel

The Quality Hotel is an oasis in the Canadian Badlands. Conveniently situated a stone’s throw away from all the key destination spots in Drumheller, the Quality Hotel has room configurations great for two types of guests: the vacationer and the business-minded. The Quality Hotel’s Business Centre is perfect for business meetings and the rooms offer great accommodation at excellent value for vacationers. Amenities include wireless internet, continental breakfast, a well-stocked exercise room and most importantly, it is pet friendly!

Here’s a cool promotion; calling into the hotel and referencing “Travel Drumheller” will grant you a 2 for 1 offer to the above-mentioned Trekcetera Museum during your stay.*

*Offer valid only at Quality Hotel Drumheller in 2018. Quality Hotel Drumheller’s Managers reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer at any time.

4. Know The Earth You Walk On

The best history lessons are the ones you can get immersed in.

Meet Brent, a man with 40 years of geologic experience. Brent now shares his love of rocks with visitors to the Canadian Badlands. His company, Drumheller Rocks Geo-Tourism offers geotours which consists of an hour “rock talk” followed by a 2-hour walk in the Badlands.

Drumheller Rocks embraces the old and new schools of geology. In the field you’ll get  a sense of what it was like to be an assistant to Joseph Burr Tyrrell as he explored for coal (and found some dinosaurs). The youngest in the group always gets to carry Brent’s rock hammer.

The rock talk prior to the field uses a combination of chalkboard, slides, animations and 3-D computer models. Brent jokes “It is very important to carefully prepare the client for the immensity of geological science – the scales can be humbling”. If kids (old or young) are in the group he’ll even let them “fly” through these digital Badlands models. This unique combination of digital and real-world viewing means you can understand the concepts and then go out and see and feel them in the real world.

As Facebook reviewer Susan Sternberg, author and naturalist, puts it, “I wish every beautiful natural area had a Brent Noland and a GeoTourism business! I had been in the Drumheller Badlands for a couple of days but wanted a guide to tell me about what I was seeing. I booked morning with Brent and spent the best few hours learning about the geology of the region in an understandable, hands-on, real way. Experiential education at its finest.”

Drumheller Rocks can customize their tours offering shorter and longer durations at your request. You can book ahead or even call day-of to book a tour, Drumheller Rocks offers tours year-round (keeping in mind it’s harder to get around in the winter). Good footwear is recommended for the walks. While Drumheller Rocks has several starting points, Brent tends to favor the East Coulee School Museum. His connection with locals means that Drumheller Rocks has permission to visit many private lands throughout the Drumheller area – so you get to see things you otherwise wouldn’t. Brent also recommends combining a geotour with a visit to the Royal Tyrell Museum.

Brent tries to get to know the visitors a bit and craft their tour to best connect them with the earth. His love for the earth and geology shines through his tours, as Brent puts it “I’ve never met a rock I didn’t like … they all have an amazing story to tell”.