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I Love Drumheller Valley

I Love Drumheller Valley

Travel Drumheller believes in fostering community spirit and pride making Drumheller a great place to be. Our I Love Drumheller Valley campaign celebrates living in the Drumheller Valley.

We have lots happening through the year including:

  • Photo contests where people share what they love most about living in the Drumheller Valley.
  • I Love Drumheller Valley Day on October 13th. We celebrate life in Drumheller with giveaways, contests, merchandise and some special offers for residents.
  • Videos showcasing our beautiful our valley and the people who live here.
  • Merchandise available to purchase with proceeds going to a fund to support local businesses.

We would love to work with businesses to provide special offers for residents and more. We are open to any way businesses can be part of this great program so please contact us at to talk to us about being involved.