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60 1 Ave W, Drumheller, AB


A race around a dinosaur-filled town to unravel a dinosaur-sized mystery!

“Part Scavenger Hunt. Part Escape Room. Part Amazing Race”. Cluesolvers is a brain-teasing outdoor adventure perfect for friends, families, date-night, teambuilding events, staff parties, wedding, birthday parties, and just about every other type of group we can think of!

The Drumheller Devious Dinos Adventure can be played on any day and time. Once booked you can simply choose when want to start, head to the start location, and follow the clues in the App.

The plot: A diary has been discovered that describes a heist of a money from a CPR train, and it appears THIS was the funding that paid for the original development of Drumheller! Do YOU have what it takes to solve the clues and determine who were the guilty parties?

Book online, or also available at the World’s Largest Dinosaur – 60, 1 Ave W.

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