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The Destination Development Plan

The Destination development plan lays out a detailed approach to support development of Drumheller as a tourism destination over the long term. The future potential for tourism in Drumheller is only constrained by perceptions of what tourism currently is and supported by the vision of what it can become.

To download and read the full plan here or read on to check some of the highlights that we are implementing from the plan.

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To be an iconic year-round destination grounded in community.


Driving significant economic and social value for Drumheller residents, businesses, and visitors through destination development.

Destination Drumheller Regional Map

Guiding Principles

  • Work with the community to ensure that tourism and community goals are fully aligned and that there is mutual benefit derived from our actions.
  • Unite the tourism industry and its supporters through open communication, collaboration, and partnerships.
  • Welcome all visitors warmly, ensuring they leave feeling like they were our guest and not merely a customer.
  • Commit to providing authentic experiences that communicate our unique rural history and that celebrates the people that call this place home.
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial environment that fosters creativity, bold action, and innovation.
  • Strive to protect our one-of-a-kind natural and agricultural environment to ensure its enjoyment by current and future generations of residents and guests.



Tourism leadership &
Tourism culture for
Drumheller communities
Packaging & itinerary
Nimble, highly targeted
marketing campaigns to
drive market


Optimize under-utilized
assets for tourism
Build year-round tourism
products that will drive
Develop downtown
tourism vibe
Convert theatre and film
for tourism and room
Identify and support
Support tourism
investment &

What’s New

The Summer Visitor survey is underway till September 2, 2024. We are looking for business, organizations and events to help get visitors to take the survey.  You’ll get a chance to win a Travel Drumheller partnership, plus get access to information that can help your business.  Check out the handout to learn more. 

In November 2023, the community was invited to learn about the Destination Development Plan and our future in tourism. The information session panels and results are shared below.

If you have any questions about the project or the engagement process, please contact Lana Phillips, Destination Development Implementation Manager Travel Drumheller at

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