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Curiocity Itinerary

It is no secret, at least not to us Albertans, that the Canadian Badlands are just as magnificent as the Canadian Rockies. And when we need a getaway off the beaten path, we tend to ditch the Rockies and head eastward to the little rocky paradise we know as Drumheller.

The town might be known as the dinosaur capital of the world, but there is a lot more to admire and experience in Drumheller than just fascinating pre-historic fossils. Looking for breath-taking, alien-looking landscapes to up your ‘Gram game? Check. On the hunt for biking and hiking adventures? Check. Spend a relaxed weekend sipping craft beer? Check and check.

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is the coolest weekend destination around the city, but it’s definitely up there. And here are seven amazing things you ought to check out in Drumheller.

#1 Play North America’s most challenging course at Dinosaur Trail Golf Course

The Dinosaur Trail Golf Course is quite a unique and, might we say, unmissable experience. So, the front 9 holes offer the typical golfing landscape of luscious trees, flora and fauna set alongside the Red Deer River. Yes, beautiful! But the back 9 is where the challenge begins. Built atop Hoodoos, this is said to be the most challenging course in North America and is every golfer’s dream course.

#2 Spend an afternoon tasting local beer at Valley Brewing

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This micro-brewery is a new addition to Drumheller’s foodscape and is already a visitor fave. Reason: they have a selection of some seriously delish and quality craft beer. You’ll find the flavour profiles of their beer is just as interesting and fun as their names. The Coal Rush porter and Prairie Icon farmhouse ale are our top picks. And the fruit-loaded Kettle Sour Series is a must-try.

#3 Explore and picnic in the valley with Bikes & Bites

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Be it the pathways along the Red Deer River, the historic downtown or the many gorgeous trails, Drumheller has views for days. And one of the best ways to take in the unique badlands beauty is by embarking on a biking adventure. Better yet, rent an e-bike from Bikes & Bites so that you don’t tire yourself out. Plus, you can pick up an on-the-go lunch and enjoy a picnic in the valley.

#4 Grab a cuppa joe at Black Mountain Roasters

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Whether you need your morning dose of energy, a refreshing break from your day’s adventures or simply spend an afternoon with a book or your significant other, Black Mountain Roasters has you covered. The vibe is cute and cozy, the bites are delicious and their freshly roasted coffee is simply exquisite.

#5 Re-visit the many dinosaur exhibits at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

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C’mon, you didn’t think the list would be complete without the museum visit, eh? Especially when the museum happens to have one of the largest displays of dinosaurs in the world. With their several thousand fossils, numerous displays and other creative activities, the museum is not just a touristy classic but also a super fun way to spend an afternoon.

#6 Walk amidst the beautiful hoodoos on the Hoodoos Trail

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We’re kind of stating the obvious when we say that the hoodoos are a highlight of the area. Something about these curvy geological formations makes them straight-up magical. And you’ll find plenty of these beauts in and around the Drumheller Valley, especially the Hoodoos Trail… obviously!

#7 Enjoy a comfy stay at the Quality Hotel

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After your day-long adventures, you can settle in at the Quality Hotel. Great rooms, spectacular views and plentiful amenities, the hotel has it all! But what you’ll like most of all about it is its location. Everything you need is near you- the trails, the attractions, the downtown.

Ready to escape the city crowd? So are we!