Ghost Hunting at the Johnston House

Ghost Hunting at the Johnston House

 This historic home is haunted by Dr. (Bob) Johnston a Freemason who built the house for himself and his family in 1911

Dr. Bob died in the home when he accidentally shot himself with a hunting rifle. This unfortunate accident happened in 1936. The home has a long well documented history of paranormal activity.

Both Dr. Bob and his daughter Marjorie have been seen. Marjorie died after a lengthy illness at the age of 15, just 3 years after the passing of her father.

The home has been investigated many times by many people. Everyone has experienced some sort of spirit interaction.

Strange unexplained EMF is registered in the the living room on a regular basis and sometimes communication can be done through this EMF activity. Apparitions have been seen in the home as well as shadow figures. EVP’s and disembodied voice have also been recorded.

GHA has a long term relationship with this home and all its occupants living or non living.

This is a exclusive opportunity to Investigate this historic home with expert guidance and all the ghost hunting gear needed.

Your ticket includes, access fees, GHA guidance and gear as well as post investigation evidence review and video production ( highly skilled work of over 50 hours)

It does not include transportation or accommodation.

We will meet at the home 375-3rd avenue East Drumheller AB at 7:00 pm and investigate until 11:00 pm

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