Mid Power Rocket Launch

Mid Power Rocket Launch

The Rosebud location is a Mid-power launch site located at Rosebud, AB. The event is hosted by the Calgary Rocketry Club.


The Rosebud Theatre has issued permission to Calgary Rocketry to use the property on scheduled events as a model rocket launch site, and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR/ACF) has approved the site for use by CAR/ACF members.

Cars must park in the designated parking area. You can only unload equipment on the flying field. Motors in the A – D range are acceptable, although E, F, and G flights will be allowed as long as they are rail launched.

The property is NOT authorized as an ad-hoc model launch site by the public! Planned launches will be announced in advance of the event.

Range Pass Costs $5 for fliers who are Calgary Rocket Members $10 for fliers who are not Calgary Rocket Members

Anyone is welcome to come watch.

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