Red Carpet Premiere – Hands That Bind

Red Carpet Premiere – Hands That Bind

The Red Carpet premiere of “Hands That Bind” is an event that you cannot afford to miss. The movie, which was filmed locally (Hanna area), is a masterpiece that promises to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline, outstanding performances, and stunning cinematography. Attendees at the premiere will have the privilege of participating in an exclusive Q&A with Kyle Armstrong, the movie’s writer and director and Blake McWilliam the producer.

Hands that Bind is a slow burn prairie gothic drama set in the early 1980s in small town Alberta in the prairies of Western Canada. Thematically the film touches on subjects relevant to today; identity, masculinity, intolerance, the oil industry, colonization, land ownership, and a culture in transition. At its heart, it is the story of a person unable to adapt to a changing world.

Event Information

  • Friday, November 10
  • Napier Theatre – 20 3 Ave E, Drumheller, AB
  • Doors Open at 6:30pm
  • Meet and Greet until 7:30pm
  • Q&A after the show
  • Tickets available at the door

About the Hands That Bind

Having severed ties with his own father over an unspoken rift, Andy is working another man’s land as a hired hand. His dreams of farming his own land rest on the hopes that this farm may someday be his. In trying to establish new roots with his wife Susan and their two children, Andy serves as substitute son to both his boss and a neighbouring farmer – another lone and tough man living in near neglect on adjacent acres, vulnerable but unflinching.

The dreary domestic scene becomes tense and filled with despair when Andy’s boss, Mac, gives Andy his notice. Mac’s prodigal son is returning to claim his birthright. Andy stays the course despite the sudden hopelessness of his situation. He refuses all avenues for possible salvation – his boss’s suggestion that he return to his own father’s farm and his wife’s wish return to work. It’s a choice that plunges him into a period of dark consequence as we watch him teeter toward corruption and chaos. Tensions mount between him and Susan as Andy struggles to find his new identity in a world that is increasingly unfamiliar. And as a darkness settles over the
community, mysterious occurrences begin; cattle mutilations, drought, a missing teenager, paranoia, and unexplained lights in the sky. With hope dwindling, Andy grasps for options, making risky and desperate moves to maintain his place in a world he had always assumed was his own.

Deeply entrenched in outdated cultural values, Andy is forced to choose between change or digging his heels into an archaic paradigm. His actions will have lasting consequences for both himself and those around him.