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Travel Alberta

Travel Alberta is the destination management organization of the Government of Alberta. Established as a Crown corporation on April 1, 2009, they operate under the authority of the Travel Alberta Act within the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. Travel Alberta drives the growth of the province’s visitor economy, creating and promoting must-visit destinations throughout the province. They do this by helping businesses develop memorable products and experiences, marketing those products and experiences to the world, and ensuring visitors have access to them.

Tourism Directory – Travel Alberta manages the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS). ATIS supports three different content types that partners can use to accurately communicate the types of experiences that they offer:

  • Business Listings
  • Events
  • Special Offers

We would recommend all businesses ensure they have an ATIS listing and use the events calendar to promote their events.

Funding – Travel Alberta also offers various investment streams which businesses can apply to. Find out more here.

TIAA – Tourism Industry Association of Alberta

TIAA represents tens of thousands of tourism operators and organizations throughout Alberta as an advocate for policy that supports the growth and sustainability of all facets of Alberta’s tourism economy. Since its creation, the association has collaborated with Travel Alberta and engaged extensively with the provincial and federal governments, industry stakeholders and Albertans.

Indigenous Tourism Alberta

Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA) encourages and promotes authentic Indigenous tourism that showcases the unique and immersive experiences offered by its members throughout our four regions; North, Central and Southern Alberta as well as the Rockies. ITA’s goal is to enhance economic viability, further engage and support our Indigenous peoples, and nurture these partnerships throughout the province by sharing our stories, culture, and experiences with a global audience.

They have a range of resources available. To find out more, visit their website.


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