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5 Date Ideas To Do In A Weekend

5 Date Ideas To Do In A Weekend

Looking for date ideas? Trying to plan out a weekend trip with your significant other? If you’re looking to immerse yourself in all things Drumheller, look no further. Here’s every possible date idea you and your significant other could tackle over the course of a weekend!

1. Visit the Valley Doll Museum

Imagine a portal to your childhood smack dab in the middle of Drumheller, and you’ll have something resembling the Valley Doll Museum. This museum hosts over 700 dolls, a mix of historical figures and pop culture icons, with some antique dolls dating back to the 1800s. It’s not just doll figures we’re talking – there’s even furniture and pianos, doll-related themes and dioramas detailing fascinating eras and time periods. With a costume shop and a gift shop boasting plenty of dolls and souvenirs, you’re able to take home. Imagine taking a little piece of history back with you – literally!

2. Explore The Atlas Coal Mine

Part ghost town, part history lesson; the Atlas Coal Mine is one of the longest-running mines in Alberta and totes plenty of fresh and fascinating mining tours, all centred around specific themes and folklore. The two of you can try the Mine & Dine; you’ll both live the life of a ’30s-era coal miner, handling artifacts in work clothes before breaking bread for the night with the locals and a delicious Hungarian-style meal. You’ll learn plenty about Drumheller’s storied mining past while getting to see some unique mining gear and see some aged facilities!

3. Head To Orkney Viewpoint

Spending dates outdoors is always a great move, and there’s something romantic about Orkney Viewpoint that’s worth the trip. This lookout has a vibe that screams ‘lovers private getaway’ – maybe it’s the incredible view of the Red Deer River and the valley that you get from high red rock cliffs.

Adulting = planning for summer early.

Your weekend camping trip exploring Drumheller Valley >

4. Dine At Sublime Food & Wine

We like to think this incredible fine dining establishment was named for the sublime quality of its high-end culinary fare but it’s likely for the “sublime” house chicken, served with a creamy asiago and basil sauce. Delicious, right? If you’re looking to be wined and dined the refined way, Sublime is the number one game in town. Feast on delectable entrees like the lamb sirloin with a cucumber and mint salsa, the peppercorn striploin laid out on a bed of peppercorn cream sauce or the pesto salmon. Date nights may never be the same after this.

5. Go For A Quick Round of Golf at Dinosaur Trail Golf Course

Sometimes, the best dates are the simple fun ones! So with that said, who could say no to a thrilling game of golf at Dinosaur Trail? It’s a well-maintained course with some challenging holes sure to bring the two of you closer. Afterwards, treat yourself to some delicious food courtesy of the country club to top off a packed day of fun.

No matter what you go with, you and your date should be able to make some lasting memories and get up to some fun times in Drumheller!