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6 Family Things To Do In A Weekend

6 Family Things To Do In A Weekend

The best adventures are the ones found off the beaten path and there’s no better place for these kinds of adventures than in Drumheller. If you’re craving weekend fun that’s sure to excite any age, there’s plenty to do in Drumheller with your family. Below are some suggestions of possible adventures you can cram into a weekend of nonstop fun.

1. Hike Past The Hoodoos

You wouldn’t be able to recognize the Canadian Badlands without these bad boys. These iconic pillars stand up to seven metres tall and are just as breathtaking in person as they are in photos. It’s an outdoor experience you won’t forget and you’ll be able to see them up close thanks to viewing platforms. The protected Hoodoo site is a no-brainer, but you can also find smaller versions throughout the region as you hike with the family through the Badlands.

2. Go For A Refreshing Splash at Rotary Spray Park

You can never take too many water breaks. Any excuse to go through cool water in the hot summer is a good one. One of the best spots for a quick break from the Drumheller heat is Rotary Spray Park. There’s plenty of green park space available for impromptu picnics or sun tanning sessions. The water cannons and fountains are perfect if the family is in serious need of some cool-down time.

3. Take a Selfie at the Little Church

Over the years, Drumheller’s Little Church has become a must-see location.. on the condition that you must be in a group smaller than six people. This Little Church is appropriately titled – big enough for only six people! See if you can squeeze your family in and then take some fun selfies outside the church, situated in the Badlands. When was the last time you got to play giant in a tiny church?

Summer is long, said no one ever. Start planning now.

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4. Lunch at Last Chance Saloon

You’re likely famished at this point so it’s only right you decamp for some burgers and comfort food at the Last Chance Saloon. It’s a serious trip through time and best of all, it’s family-friendly! Kids will love the knick-knacks, vintage collectibles and the old-timey atmosphere and you’ll love the burgers and ice-cold drinks.

5. See Some Dinosaur Bones at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a fun, versatile outing for all ages; kids can enjoy the informative workshops such as fossil casting and dig simulations. Adults can relive their inner child as they check out the jaw-dropping displays of dinosaur bones and other paraphernalia. Before you leave, make sure to visit their gift shop and buy some cool fossils to take home as a memento of your Royal Tyrrell experience!

6. See Performances Like Never Before at The Badlands Amphitheatre

Between their epic renditions of Biblical tales and their summer concert series featuring musicians such as Corb Lund and Tom Cochrane, the Badlands Amphitheatre stage has seen it all. This outdoor venue is one of the largest outdoor amphitheatres in Canada, seating approximately 2700 and sporting a backdrop like no other – the Canadian Badlands! There’s something special about witnessing a fantastic show under the big blue Alberta sky. Check out their slate of upcoming performances to keep up with their epic summer programming!

We hope you and your family can incorporate as many of these activities in your weekend getaway as possible. Make sure to tag any photos or videos you capture with the #Drumheller hashtag – we’d love to see your experiences!