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6 Places To Uncover Art And Culture In Drumheller

6 Places To Uncover Art And Culture In Drumheller

Soak up the art and culture that’s waiting to be discovered in Drumheller! From award-winning plays to museums flowing with unique antiques, there’s a whole other side to Drumheller that’s waiting to be uncovered. Use this guide as your one-way ticket to the cultural experience of a lifetime, and see what Drumheller has in store for you.

Rosebud Theatre

Experience a magical performance at Alberta’s one and only professional rural theatre company, the Rosebud Theatre. Enjoy dinner and a show, with a buffet-style meal paired with one of this theatre’s award-winning productions. Laugh and clap along with a cast composed of resident actors, student apprentices and visiting actors from far and wide, all coming together to put on a show you’ll never forget.

Homestead Antique Museum

Ever wanted to transport back in time to the Victorian and Edwardian eras? Now you can! All you have to do is step into the Homestead Antique Museum. What can you expect to find on your visit? Well, a two-headed calf and an entire house purchased out of a 1919 issue of an Eaton’s catalogue are just a couple of the exciting exhibits that await. Filled with an impressive collection of antiques and artifacts from these eras, this museum is a dream come true for all art and culture enthusiasts.

Canadian Badlands Passion Play

Jump 2000 years back in time and witness the dramatic portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Taking place in a natural 2500 seat outdoor amphitheatre, this biblical journey comes alive with incredible costumes and sets paired with a team of talented and dedicated performers. Visit the Canadian Badlands Passion Play for specific dates and times.

Kaleidoscope Community Theatre

Drumheller’s community theatre brings life, magic and memories into Drumheller with plays and musicals being presented yearly. With the help of dedicated volunteers, the Kaleidoscope Theatre has been bringing production favourites to life since 1981, with classics such as A Christmas Carol, Footloose, Grease, Fiddler on the Roof and much more. There’s no shortage of excitement and art at this community theatre, and it’s yours to discover!

East Coulee School Museum

Life in a coal town becomes unearthed, with interactive classroom tours at the East Coulee School Museum. The mining town of East Coulee began to thrive in 1929 with the burst of the coal mining era. East Coulee school opened its four-classroom doors in 1930, with an additional four classrooms being added in 1943. As mine’s began to shut down in 1954, East Coulee virtually became a ghost town with the school shutting down shortly after. In 1985, the school re-opened its doors as the newly restored East Coulee School Museum, welcoming visitors from far and wide to explore the historic memories of East Coulee.

Rosebud Centennial Museum

Learn about the rough and tumble cowboy past of the village of Rosebud, with a guided tour through the Rosebud Centennial Museum. A unique history runs deep within this hamlet, and it is being preserved at this museum for culture-seekers just like you. Learn about the early history of the area, understand the life of the first settlers and observe some of the tools and appliances from the days of the pioneers. History awaits, just step through these museum doors to discover it.

The cultural adventure of a lifetime awaits – see you in Drumheller soon!