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Drumheller In A Day: Explorers Edition

Drumheller In A Day: Explorers Edition

Are you a thrill seeker, adventurer or fun enthusiast? If so, we’re looking for you! There are a lot of exciting experiences to unearth in Drumheller, and they’re waiting for you to discover them. If you’re looking for the best way to see the adventurous side of Drumheller, let this be your guide. We’ve put together the perfect list for your day in Drumheller, the explorer’s way.

Atlas Coal Mine’s: The Working Life of a Miner Tour

Meet Bob Moffatt. Bob is a fifth-generation coal miner and unique storyteller. Throughout the summer, Bob gives guided tours through Atlas Coal Mine to small groups – creating an intimate and eye-opening experience. This signature tour takes you on a real-life journey through the eyes of a coal miner. You’ll even receive your own brass tag as a memento of your adventure. Children under the age of six are not allowed on this tour. Tours are available on Fridays from 10:00-12:00, but depend on Bob’s availability – so it’s best to phone ahead.

Red Deer River Adventures

Explore the Red Deer River, Badlands style. Grab a canoe or kayak and hit the water to explore Drumheller like you’ve never seen it before. Take a guided tour through the scenic mystic that rests within the Badlands. Or, rent a kayak or canoe and discover the journey your own way.  Red Deer River Adventures is open seven days a week from May-October, weather conditions permitting. Paddle your way to adventure, and find your new favourite activity right here in Drumheller.

Hiking in the Badlands

Ready for the kind of adventure you see in the movies? Lace up your hiking boots, because we want you to unleash your inner explorer and hike the Badlands. Conquer one (or all) of the variety of hiking trails around Drumheller and see what it really means to be an adventurer. Feast your eyes on the hoodoos, coulees, canyons and valleys that await in this hiker’s paradise. Find your trail from the various hiking spots you could be exploring on your next trip to Drumheller.

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Eurobungy at Cactus Coulee Fun Park

Ready to get your heart racing? Experience all the thrills of bungee jumping without the heights. Cactus Coulee’s Eurobungy provides a 22’ bungee-trampoline experience that will leave you breathless. Afterwards, enjoy a few laps on the Go Kart track to complete this wicked outing.

Rosedale Suspension Bridge

Walk across a real-life piece of history at the Rosedale Suspension Bridge. Located just 9 km outside of Drumheller, walk on the wild side across this bridge once heavily used by miners. This bridge has since turned into a popular spot for locals to fish, and access great Badlands terrain. Push your inner adventurer to new limits, and gain full bragging rights to tell your friends that you were brave enough to walk across a real-life suspension bridge and have the Instagram photo to prove it.

Mountain View Helicopter Tours

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to fly, now is your chance to find out. See the canyon from a birds-eye-view with a scenic helicopter tour. Let Mountain View Helicopters show you the Badlands all from one breathtaking view. Choose between two terrific tours. The Canyon Tour is a five to six minute tour that takes you 1000 ft. above Horseshoe Canyon viewpoint. The Horseshoe Tour is a 10 to 12 minute tour that explores all the fun of the Canyon Tour and more. What will you discover?

A day crammed full of adrenaline and adventure awaits you in Drumheller. Get the coffee ready, your camera and backpack packed and make your way to the dinosaur capital of the world!