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Hit The Road With Your Best Four-legged Friend

Hit The Road With Your Best Four-legged Friend

The Drumheller region is a fantastic place to walk your furry friends. Plan your visit by reviewing our trail options at

Drumheller can get extremely busy, so please keep your dogs on a leash in all areas for your and your pets’ safety. This includes Midland Park, Horseshoe Canyon, McMullen Island and the Hoo Doos. Also, stay on the trail when walking your dog. Drumheller has three-leash dog parks for our K-9 lovers; they can be found at Newcastle Trail by the Newcastle Inn, on 7th avenue East by Drumheller Valley Secondary School and on 1st Ave NW by North Dinosaur Trail. You will also find a small fenced dog park in the Newcastle Recreation area.

Many of our attractions DO NOT allow dogs on site. The Royal Tyrrell Museum, Atlas Coal Mine, and Barney are just some of our attractions that DO NOT allow dogs (apart from service dogs, they are welcomed!)

Beat the Heat

Drumheller is hot in the summer and doesn’t take long to put your pet in a harmful situation when left in a vehicle on a warm day.

Public parking often lacks shade and protection from direct sunlight, causing the vehicle’s interior temperature to jump from 20c to 30c or greater rapidly. In addition, opening a car window does not provide enough ventilation and reprieve from the heat in the car (even on cooler days), and heat stroke can happen within 15 minutes.

Some great alternatives to leaving your dog in the car are:

  • Leave your dog at home
  • Shop at pet-friendly stores where your dog is welcome to browse with you
  • Eat at one of our outdoor cafes where your dog can sit with you

Even though you may see an animal in distress in a vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you do not break the glass nor cause damage to the vehicle in question.

If you have a concern, please call Emergency and Protective Services at 403-823-1363