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Please Don’t Build Inukshuk’s/Cairns

Please Don’t Build Inukshuk’s/Cairns

Written by Michelle Stewart

Inukshuks/Cairns are beautiful and are a structure of stones stacked in a human form, traditionally used by the Inuit people as a landmark, favourite fishing spot or hunting grounds.

Building one of these stone structures is tempting, with many rocks on paths and in the badlands. But please don’t.

Building Inukshuks can damage the landscape, destroy wildlife habitats, and lead hikers astray. In addition, leave rocks, sticks, flowers, etc., where they are to preserve our beautiful landscape and fragile ecosystem that you may not be able to see in the Badlands.

Stacking stones and dismantling historic sites can harm archaeological finds; rearranging the rocks could disturb the historical record.

Building on hiking trails or just off paths can lead hikers astray, putting fellow hikers in potentially dangerous situations.

Please refrain from writing in the dirt at the Hoo Doos or other parts of the badlands; to prevent damaging the unique badlands environment.

Please leave each place you visit as untouched as possible for others to enjoy for years!