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Top 7 Selfie Spots In Drumheller

Top 7 Selfie Spots In Drumheller

Selfie’s are cool, but a selfie in the Badlands? Now that’s legendary. Take your Instagram game to the next level and plan a day (or overnight) trip to #Drumheller, and snap a selfie next to places you thought only existed in the movies. Not sure where to hit first? Don’t worry, we know the perfect spots to get that Instagram-worthy photo. So, go ahead and pack your selfie stick, we promise these snapshots will be way cooler than another funny photo of your cat.

1. The Hoodoos

Ever wanted to take those awesome and adventurous photos you see your favourite traveller post on Instagram? Well, look no further than the Hoodoos. These sandstone pillars take millions of years to form, and are the final daring touch for the perfect profile picture.

2. Drumheller’s Little Church

This teeny tiny treasure holds 10 000 people, but only six at a time, as the people of Drumheller like to say. That’s right, this little church has six, one-person pews and a pulpit – making it one unique historical selfie spot. The attraction was originally created as a place of worship and meditation in 1968, and was reconstructed in 1991. Check it out for yourself, and don’t forget to let us know you stopped by hashtagging #Drumheller.

3. Gus

Say hello to Gus, the friendliest dinosaur you’ll ever meet. Gus loves meeting new people, and loves taking selfies even more. Meet up with your new friend in Drumheller and snap a silly selfie with this loveable green dinosaur. The more the merrier, grab your human friends and take a group selfie with the newest member of your friend circle.

4. Wayne Town Sign

Population: Then 2490, Now 28. Yes, you read that right. That’s what you’ll find written on the town sign as you make your way in Wayne. This ghost town is the perfect selfie spot for anyone ready for a little adventure. Abandoned homes and coal mining machinery date back to when this was a booming coal town. Located about 10 km outside of Drumheller, this selfie will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget – over 11 bridges and past picturesque views. Are you up for the journey?

Start planning that epic summertime Instagram shot.

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5. Orkney Viewpoint

Be the envy of all your Facebook friends, with a stellar snapshot from the Orkney Viewpoint. This natural lookout point is perched high on red rock cliffs above the Red Deer River. This gorgeous valley view is the exact landscape you need for the perfect scenic selfie. Take a picture of yourself or as a group photo for the ages, the choice is yours.

6. Valley Doll Museum

Take the biggest group selfie yet, with over 700 dolls! You’re invited to a trip down memory lane with a modern-day selfie twist, featuring a doll collection that started back in the early 1970’s. Learn and enjoy as you take a nostalgic journey with some of the most fascinating dolls in the area. Create a little bit of history of your own, with a picture-perfect moment you won’t forget.

7. World’s Largest Dinosaur

Chomp! What’s cooler than taking a selfie inside a dinosaur’s mouth? Taking a selfie inside the mouth of the world’s largest dinosaur, of course! Capture yourself in between the teeth of this 86-ft. tall delightful dino, and find out what it really means to eaten alive. But not to worry, you’ll be all smiles standing next to these pearly whites, just make sure you both say cheese!

There you have it my selfie-loving friend – 7 places to get an Instagram-worthy photo in the Canadian Badlands. Don’t forget to hashtag #Drumheller!