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This article is part of a four-part series – the dinosaurs are on vacation in their own backyard! Read the other articles in this series: Dino’s Guide to Free Spirit Adventures, Dino’s Guide to Family Fun, and Dino’s Guide to Local Food & Things To Do.

So, you’ve been to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. What next? You’re not the only one wondering. A ton of dinosaurs have just escaped from the museum! They’re vacationing around town this summer, and one Dino in particular wanted to know where others recommended to go in Drumheller. We lent Dino our social media channels to ask our audiences and fellow visitors their recommendations. Here are a few that she found helpful.

Getting To Know Drumheller’s Past

Dino polled Travel Drumheller’s Twitter audience and discovered that people want to learn more about Drumheller’s dark past. Dino wants to find out too, so she has two stops to check out. First, take Atlas Coal Mine’s Unmentionable Tour. This tour guides you to parts of Atlas Coal Mine not normally accessible to the public and tells you the tales of Drumheller’s violent and scandalous past. Second, take a Drumheller Guided Ghost Walk Tour, where the guide and storyteller Lothar makes every tour incredible. Dig up Drumheller’s past with the Cemetery Tour or the Ghost Walk Tour.

Favourite Attractions, Experiences, & Things To Do In Drumheller

Looking for recommendations for things to do around Drumheller? So was our Dino, so she headed to Travel Drumheller’s Instagram Stories for some advice. Visitors suggested taking in the Red Deer River, checking out the iconic Badlands views, going on the Bleriot Ferry, and seeing everything from the sky on an epic tour with Mountain View Helicopters. Atlas Coal Mine, the World’s Largest Dinosaur, the Drumheller Little Church, and the Star Mine Suspension Bridge also got some love from our Instagram audience.

Some of our visitors’ favourite natural attractions and viewpoints include Horseshoe Canyon, Orkney Viewpoint, the Hoodoos, and Horsethief Canyon.

Shopping, Anyone?

Next, our Dino wanted to know where to head shopping. Dino received a wide variety of answers on this one. R&J Flowers is an excellent florist, plus they have a range of unique gift items. The General Store is where you’ll find fashion, cute gifts, and amazing lattes. If you’re looking for a souvenir to take home from your trip, our Instagram audience recommends Dry Canyon Collectibles.

Iconic Food in the Badlands

With her tummy rumbling, our Dino asked Travel Drumheller’s Instagram followers for their recommendations on Drumheller’s most iconic food and drink options. Bernie and the Boys serves two of Drumheller’s most signature dishes – the Mammoth Burger and the Blair Wing Project. The Mammoth Burger may be too big for you, but it’s just big enough to feed our Dino. She’ll leave the wings for you, but be careful; these wings are so spicy, you need to be over 18 and sign a waiver. For those looking for a comfortable meal, one follower suggests to try the Root Beer BBQ Ribs at O’Shea’s. People are also raving about the traditional Greek food at Athens, and the hearty fresh hamburgers at Vintage Tap House.

A newcomer to the Drumheller foodie scene, Valley Brewing is Drumheller’s first microbrewery! Coming highly recommended by one of our Instagram followers in particular, Dino thinks their patio would be a great place to sit and relax for an afternoon.

Have your say – let us (and other visitors) know where some of your favourite Drumheller spots are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Connect with us and fellow guests using the hashtag #TravelDrumheller.