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Dino’s Guide To Drumheller: Family Fun

Dino’s Guide To Drumheller: Family Fun

This article is part of a four-part series – the dinosaurs are on vacation in their own backyard! Read the other articles in this series: Dino’s Guide to Free Spirit Adventures, Dino’s Guide to Popular Attractions, and Dino’s Guide to Local Food & Things To Do.

So, you’ve been to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. What next? You’re not the only one wondering. A ton of dinosaurs have just escaped from the museum! They’ve mostly scattered around town to explore, but four dino pals have stuck around to go check it all out with you. They’ve been cooped up inside for a long time, and they’re excited to see all the amazing things around Drumheller. Our Dino is always busy taking care of his kids, and he wants to have some fun too, so he’s going to go look for some family-friendly activities!


So many things for the kiddos to do you will want to plan to stay in the Drumheller region for a while.

Family Attractions

Just a 10 minute drive west of the Royal Tyrrell Museum there is  Barneys Adventure Farm.  With LIVE dinos, farm animals, and so much more it is an amazing place to spend a few hours. On the way back into Drumheller why not call in  to Cactus Coulee Fun Park  to have fun racing the kids around the track.

Another stop on North Dinosaur Trail  is  Fossil World Discovery Center, a fun and interactive learning environment for everyone, complete with a play area and places to dig up fossils. There are over 1000 real fossils and 10 animatronic dinosaurs on display! The star of the show is the T-Rex, and it’s the closest you’ll get to a real one.

Once back in town and visible from everywhere in town is the World’s Largest Dinosaur. There’s 25 metres of tall and 106 steps to this Tyrannosaurus Rex! It’s affordable too, with kids 5 and under getting in for free and a special family rate.

Dino wants to walk around downtown and do some window shopping, but his kids find that boring. Luckily, there are a ton of dinosaurs scattered around town, so he’s going to bring them to try to find them all! They can stop in stores and restaurants along the way.

Road Trip!

I know what you’re thinking. You drove to get here! No. Trust Dino. Dino knows best. His kids are tuckered out now, so it’s the perfect time to go for a scenic drive. He’s a great dad, but he can’t drive a car, so he’ll leave the choice up to you.

Heading North

If you head north, follow South Dinosaur Trail for a beautiful view of the Badlands along the Red Deer River. Turn off onto Highway 837 heading north until you get to North Dinosaur Trail (Highway 838). The Badlands didn’t always have bridges. Here, you’ll get a taste of what it used to be like and take the short (free!) Bleriot Ferry across the river. Follow the North Dinosaur Trail for another scenic view back into town. You’ll pass by Horsethief Canyon shortly after the ferry, which offers the most amazing views and make a great spot to watch the sunset over the Badlands.

Heading South

Drive 15 minute south of Drumheller to  Horseshoe Canyon. Amazing views and a family hike is a great way to cap off a fun day exploring Drumheller with your kids, This is a great spot for stargazing and watching the sunset.

Get on your bike

Why not enjoy a family bike ride along the valley trails with Bikes and Bites E-bikes are available for riders ages 12 and up. They offer youth pedal bikes as an option for our younger riders (4’11” to 5’3” tall). All rentals come with a helmet and lock. They also have children carriers for the smallest in the family. They make delicious sandwiches too and so you can add in a picnic to make it an even more special adventure.


Why not head to the  Napier Theatre  and experience the charm of a historic 1950’s movie theatre. Located in the heart of downtown Drumheller, there is a classic concession of hot buttered popcorn, soda pop and a large selection of candy.